Relay For Life

Alright this post came totally from auto-pilot. This is something important to me so please read.

Last year I signed up the UBC Women’s Field Hockey Team to particiapte a Relay For Life. Relay For Life is an overnight charity event that raises money for cancer research…..

So many people have been touched by cancer in some way, I remember sitting in a class and the prof asked everyone to stand if they knew somebody who had battled with cancer….every single person, in a 300 person lecture hall stood up. Whether it was a friend, loved one, relative or neighbour, some of these people won their fight, some did not.
At this relay for life event we were fortunate enough to hear the survival stories from the incredible people who had succeeded in their battle against cancer. I was almost going to use the word triumph in that sentence, but there is nothing triumphant about being able to hold onto your own life. Listening to their stories you know no one can put themselves in their shoes, no one can feel their pain or understand how hard they had to fight for something so basic as their life.
Fundraising events like Relay for Life, that show up on your newsfeed or in your email, present you with a choice. We are fortunate enough to donate something like $5 which you may not even think is worth it, but it’s something. You can choose to ignore it, or you can choose to invest in someone’s life. People absolutely deserve to be given the best chance to fight for their life. It doesn’t take many people to invest a little, to make a big difference.
I’m sure there are many people that can come up with many arguments against donating, or why this does this cause deserve a donation over another. I can’t answer that, all I want to do is present you with a choice: to click on the link below and donate anything, or choose to ignore it. Choose to ignore it, and think that you won’t make a difference, or thinking someone else will do it. Everything, even something like cancer treatments and cures, has to come from somewhere…..that can be you.


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