Road to the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games

Today I wrote my 4th exam in 4 days and it officially marks the end of my summer semester at UBC. With my university graduation in sight I decided to grind through 3 summer courses over the past 6 weeks. Lucky for me, this brutal amount of school work also beautifully coincided with some very heavy training loads as part of our intense preparation for the upcoming Commonwealth Games. But now with my exams complete I can sit back, relax and whine about it in a blog post….Just kidding, but I am relieved to have school finished and put all of my focus on field hockey.

After some strong team performances this year against the U.S, England and Wales, the Commonwealth Games will be a fantastic test for us. Commonwealth Games offers us some top competition, we face New Zealand, India and South Africa in our pool alone. The tough competition is a challenge itself, but it’s also accompanied by the added pressure of a tournament setting where performing and fighting for those 3 points each game is crucial. After 7 weeks of focused, intense training the team is well equipped to face this challenge and we’re eager to learn and continue our growth.

Mentioning the added stress that being a student places on an elite athlete’s shoulders, an unfortunate and continuous stress on mine, and the team’s shoulder’s is money. For the team’s development it’s important to play a variety of top teams in the world…and living in Canada mean’s they are usually geographically far away. As much as I truly appreciate travelling the world playing a game that I love, I am very aware of how much this life experience all costs. I have set up a CHIMP fundraising page. CHIMP is an online charitable giving site, and as soon as you make a simple online donation to my group you will receive a tax receipt. To help me kickstart my fundraising they will match every dollar you donate (up to $50s a donation)!! If you would like more bang for your buck I’m up for a challenge, some ideas are donating $30 for each goal I score, or $20 for a game day dedication or social media shout out. Maybe even $1oo for a selfie with Usain Bolt in the athlete village in Glasgow? I’m open to suggestions.

Here is the link to my donation page, thank you for taking the time! And remember every donation will be matched, so every little helps!

Thanks again!


Here’s a throwback to last Commonwealth Games, Dehli 2010!

D2010 close






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